You are currently viewing Episode One: Mehafo Amunyela unpacks sexual conversations in an African household from a female perspective.

Episode One: Mehafo Amunyela unpacks sexual conversations in an African household from a female perspective.

Sex Talks Podcast
Sex Talks Podcast
Episode One: Mehafo Amunyela unpacks sexual conversations in an African household from a female perspective.

Join host Selma as she sits down with Mehafo Amunyela. A 21-year-old, brilliant, and amazing young woman who is the  Editor in Chief of Infinity Youth Magazine and radio presenter at Desert Radio who steals our hearts every weekday between 14:00- 15:00 on 95.3 Fm. Mehafo, as she says, is crazily passionate about telling youth tales.

In this series, Mehafo describes her sexual journey as a young person residing in an African household. In her journey, she narrates that when she started her menstrual cycle, her sexual journey as well as finding menstrual products and contraceptives worked for her. 

As the series progresses, Mehafo highlights some of the hardships/ challenges that she faced. She further narrates how she felt and what guidance she received along the way and from whom. Lastly, she conveyed the importance of taking care of oneself and how one can support women in their lives throughout the process. 

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  1. Daisy

    Very informative episode, well articulated. Well done girls, can’t wait for more😇❤️

    1. Selma Iyambo

      Thank you, glad that you enjoyed it. Stay with us for more episodes!

      1. Hileni Hailundu

        Thank you for creating a space where young people can openly talk about their sexual journey without feeling “ashamed ” . Keep it up, looking forward to more discussions.

  2. Bodacious Mia

    I loved every part of this podcast. Mehafo expresses herself really well and I can relate and learn from her and as well as Selma. This is brilliant and I’d definitely listen to the next podcast.

    1. Selma Iyambo

      Glad that you were able to relate and learn from us. Thank you for listening Mia.

  3. Soffia

    I can’t believe that I can relate to everything you lovely ladies are saying. Can’t wait for the next episode.

  4. Pauline

    This is by far the best and most informative podcast I ever listened to. Looking forward to the next episode❤

  5. Aina Henock

    I learned a thing or two day from the podcast, and it helped especially on the contraceptives part. Hands up ❤️🙌

    1. Hendrina Petrus

      Took a lot from this podcast🫶🏽
      Definitely looking forward to the next episode 🤗

  6. Tuna Alueendo

    Im impressed. First step seemed difficult but once taken,the rest fall into place.

  7. Serley Eises

    Listening to this conversation as an older woman taught me how important that conversation with our daughters, grand daughter and even boys will be for any family. They need to be prepared for the unexpected. Keep going with this conversation it will inform a lot of young people who need it so desperately.

  8. Loide Uuzigo

    Why am I even late🥺. A very informative podcast and I really learned. Can’t wait for another episode. You are doing great ladies❤️🤗.

  9. Sakeus Amaambo

    Nice talk girls.

    Really worth every minute.
    Keep it up.

    To correct. Its PEP.


  10. Sakeus Amaambo

    I wish to see more men get involved in the audience.

    As men we need to get out of the old era and come closer to the new generation.

    1. Selma Iyambo

      I am glad that you are taking initiative as a man to be part of this conversation. This is definitely a good starting point and it would be great if you refer and encourage other men to join in such conversations. We acknowledge your bravery and look forward to having you as part of our conversations moving forward.

  11. Jennifer M Mwapopile

    This was very informative. ❤ Thank you Ladies.

    1. Selma Iyambo

      Thank you for listening. We are glad that you enjoyed the episode!

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