You are currently viewing Episode 03: Contraceptive Breakdown with Dr. Julia Iiyambo

Episode 03: Contraceptive Breakdown with Dr. Julia Iiyambo

Sex Talks Podcast
Sex Talks Podcast
Episode 03: Contraceptive Breakdown with Dr. Julia Iiyambo

In this series, host Selma Ndasilohenda Iyambo sits down with Dr. Julia Iiyambo, an international board-certified medical doctor and emergency care practitioner at the Windhoek Central Hospital. Dr. Iiyambo graduated from the University of Kursk in the Russian Federation and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in HIV/AIDS management from the International University of Management. She is passionate about the holistic well-being of individuals and is dedicated to serving their health needs.

In this episode, Dr. Julia Iiyambo discusses six of the most readily available contraceptives in Namibia. She categorizes the contraceptives into three main types: short-acting, long-acting, and permanent. She also discusses factors to consider when choosing a contraceptive, such as effectiveness, side effects, and cost.

Lastly , Dr. Iiyambo also addresses the recent article in The Namibian Newspaper about young people’s experiences with Depo-Provera. Stay tuned, for part 02 as we unpack more about the long term effects of contraceptives and clearing up misconceptions about contraceptives , resources available for young people to find out about contraceptives as well as her closing remarks.

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  1. Loide

    I love how Dr Iiyambo is explaining the different kinds of contraceptives. I now have a better understanding on the contraceptives. This episode has given me an insight of the kind of contraceptives that I would want to go for in future simply because I now know the effects of each contraceptive. For someone who only knew about the implant and not knowing what it really does or it’s effects , I am really learning alot and can’t wait for the next episode. Again thank you Selma for this episode.

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